Community Cook Book with Personal Stories

Our Bali Your Bali – the cookbook – is a stunning tribute to the whole Bali community

This 400-page hardcover, coffee table book is filled with recipes from the basics to some of Dean’s most
sophisticated recipes he serves in his restaurants

How to Help

The charities that will benefit from the proceeds of this campaign are the backbone of Balinese society.

By donating, purchasing an eBook or ordering one of Dean’s cookbooks, you will be helping to raise significant funds for these local organisations which, in turn, will provide desperately needed aid for the
local community.

We are aiming to raise $675,000 from the sale of books plus donations, with 100% OF PROFITS going directly to those in the greatest need.

Bali Needs Your Help

“We don’t know how we will survive this. The problem is how to get money so we can eat every day and how to stop the bank from taking our house. We try to sell staples like rice and eggs but, every month, we sell less as people have less money.

We can’t imagine another year like this; we don’t know how we will survive. Nobody is in a good place – nobody is happy and everyone is worried. Dean is still looking after my family, and even if it is a small amount of money, it is appreciated. (Made Sujana: Father of two and manager at Jackson Lily’s which is currently closed due to Covid-19.)

How it started

Dean Keddell, Executive Chef and Owner of two of Bali’s most beloved restaurants (Ginger Moon Canteen and Jackson Lily’s) started working on a cookbook to raise some money for these desperate families, villages and charities.

Over 400 pages later, Dean has collected a quintessential list of unique Bali recipes from his staff, their families, local warungs and his restaurants.

What can You do ?

Thankyou to our sponsors

Thank you to
our sponsors

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